WC8VOA 446.300 MHz Remote Receiver Operating Instructions

Off the air at this time.

Since you can’t transmit to the 145.390- repeater from within the VOA building a remote transceiver has been setup.

The equipment is an Alinco dual band transceiver capable of cross band repeating. It belongs to WBØNPN, and is located on the upper level of the tower, along with a dual band antenna.

Operating Procedure:
•Set your handheld to transmit 446.300 (PL 123.0)
•Set your handheld to receive 145.390 MHZ.
•Key your handheld to transmit. There is a time delay that must be managed. The remote cross band unit needs about 2 seconds to activate.
•Therefore, allow about 2 seconds after keying up the remote before talking.
•Unkey, and listen on 145.390 Mhz.

The remote receiver has an input of 446.300 (PL 123.0) simplex. It is receive only. There is no output transmission on this frequency.

The transceiver is set to receive a 446.300 (PL 123.0) signal, and re-transmit it at 144.790 into the repeater. So to use this setup, the operator needs a dual band transceiver, transmitting on the 446.300 MHZ frequency and listening on the 145.390 MHZ repeater output.

It has an operational radius of several miles with an output of 5w from a handheld. Depends on the terrain.