Welcome to WC8VOA

WCARA Group getting ready for Field Day 2019
(WCARA Group getting ready for Field Day 2019)

Join us at 7:00 PM each Wednesday for our Open Shack Night, everyone is welcome to visit.  You can also visit us when the museum is open on the weekends, we always enjoy showing off our shack to visitors. Please follow the COVID guidelines when visiting us.

Recent activities

  • OSPOTA 2021
    This year for OSPOTA we decided to run 2 stations, this was a first and with anything new there’s always something to learn. We did very well, this is probably our best year to date. We contacted 38 parks in Ohio and we had almost 400 QSOs. We had 7 operators help his year and […]
  • FoxMikeHotel Portable Operations Challenge
    We took part in the Portable Operating Challenge again this year. This contest is only in it’s second year, it’s different than any other contest because your score it calculated by watts per Kilometer. Basically you want to work stations far away on as little power as possible. Every time we go portable we learn […]

The West Chester Amateur Radio Association is a division of National Voice of America Museum of Broadcasting.   We operate as WC8VOA,  we want to promote amateur radio and provide facilities for members and guests to meet and to exchange information about the hobby.