About Us

The West Chester Amateur Radio Association, a division of the National Voice of America Museum of Broadcasting, is dedicated to advancing the Amateur Radio hobby.

We are active in presenting technical programs to increase our knowledge of communication techniques, engaging in technical education of new and prospective amateurs, and participating in contests and field day activities.

We operate station WC8VOA from the Voice of America building in West Chester. We use most common amateur modes, including modern digital modes. A unique operating capability is 10 Ghz EME using the 7.2 meter dish available on the site.

Visiting hams and prospective hams are always welcome at our meetings and events.

The National Voice of America Museum of Broadcasting
8070 Tylersville Rd
West Chester, Ohio

Mailing Address:
West Chester Amateur Radio Association
PO Box 913
West Chester, Ohio

Contact us at  qst@wc8voa.org for more information