Station Equipment

Five major manufacturers and suppliers of Amateur Radio Equipment have made significant contributions to the VOA Museums and station WC8VOA.

Icom America has donated an Icom IC-9100 transceiver. This is a high end transceiver capable of both HF, 6m and 2m coverage. It is operational and has been installed in one of four operating areas of WC8VOA. While its operation is similar to our IC-746Pro, it contains many advanced features. Both a quick start guide and the complete operational manual are at the operating position. It is connected to the Ameritron ALS-600 amplifier.

Kenwood has donated a TS-590S, 160 – 6 meter transceiver. It also is a high end transceiver, featuring direct USB computer connection, roofing filters, automatic antenna tuner, 100w output, and multi-memory functions. ARCP-500 control software is included. The great feature is the ARHP-590 Radio Host Program for VOIP. When implemented, this will permit the use of the transceiver via the internet from any location worldwide. It drives the vintage Henry amplifier.  Kenwood has also donated a D710 for APRS operation that beacons the call sign WC8VOA-1 every 30 minutes.  The APRS antenna is located on the top level of the building tower.

Yaesu, in addition to including WCARA in the Fusion repeater beta test program, has donated the last FT-101 from its service department to become part of the WCARA vintage equipment exhibit.  It will be used during open house operations.

A Yaesu FT-450 HF/6m transceiver occupies another operating position, and is used in PSK-31 and other digital modes, in addition to standard SSB voice communications.

An Icom IC-7300 has been added, and  it is connected to the Ameritron 811 amplifier. Operating instructions and tune up instructions for the amplifier are on the operating desk.

A patch panel provides the capability to connect any radio to any antenna.

Bob Heil and Heil Sound have contributed four microphones for our station. The first is a vintage broadcast microphone replica complete with a cast VOA nameplate on the top of the microphone. While it appears vintage, it is made specifically for amateur use, and is connected to the TS-590S.  Another microphone, mounted on a boom assembly, is connected to the IC-9100. Both microphones have  switch attachments for push to talk operation.  Recent additions are a Pro-7 headset, and a PR-77 desk mic.  These are moved between transceivers per each operators preference.

MFJ has contributed a Cushcraft A4S beam antenna. This a four element beam for operation on 10m, 15m, and 20m. It has been mounted on the temporary 60 ft. tower mounted on a 60 ft. tower located on the VOA switch gear structure north of the building.   It can be used on any transceiver through connections on the antenna patch panel.

R&L Electronics has supplied several switching power supplies for equipment operation, plus numerous miscellaneous cables and connectors needed for installation of the new equipment.  WCARA owes Roger Smallwood many thanks for assisting in obtaining the equipment grants from Icom, Heil, Kenwood, MFJ and Yaesu.

A photo of the operating area is part of the slide show at the top of our pages.



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