Hamvention 2022

Not sure what to do after Hamvention closes for the night? Take a quick trip down I-75 South and come and visit the National Voice of America Museum of Broadcasting. Learn about the critical role this facility played in WWII and the cold war.

Exhibits include the Robert Drake collection of radios and the recently restored WLWO(W8XAL) transmitter. This transmitter was used to provide the very first broadcast of the Voice of America into occupied Europe on February 1st, 1942.

Hamvention VOA Museum hours:

ThursdayMay 19th1:00pm9:00pm
FridayMay 20th1:00pm9:00pm
SaturdayMay 21st1:00pm9:00pm
SundayMay 22nd1:00pm5:00pm

Admission is $10 at the door.

For more information, please download our flyer.