K3LR Visit

Back in early June we were invited to visit Tim Duffy(K3LR) Multi-Multi Contest Station is Western Pennsylvania. A few members made the 4+ hour trek to his station. These pictures won’t do it justice but it will give you an idea of his amazing station. Google Maps Satellite view for a small perspective of the […]

432 MHz EME Project

Richard(WC8RK), Joe(WA8OGS) and William(AA8XX) have been working on a little EME project.Below are the details: 432 MHz EME Project15LFA-JT Yagi & Testing Setup Yagi Hardware & Element Mounting Method:1” O.D. aluminum boom1/4” O.D. aluminum elementsStauff Clamps For 1” boom: # 3254PP (1/2 clamp used for each element)Stauff EP Plastic Insert: # 1-8 EP (1130004114)75 lb. […]