Station Antennas

The WCARA operating center is located in the Voice of America Building.  This facility has been undergoing restoration for several years, which has prevented the installation of permanent antennas.

Two 60 foot towers, one at each end of the building have been erected.  Both hold tri-band beams.  The east tower also has a wire antenna, and the west tower has a 6m beam.  A wire antenna is also attached to the upper level of the building guard tower.  The wire antennas are changed periodically, as part of the experiments we do with antennas.

A dual band vertical antenna serves the VHF/UHF operation.

A mag mount dual band 146/440 antenna is mounted inside the upper level of the guard tower for the remote 446.300 (123.0) receiver.

Future plans are for the erection of multiple 80 ft. self supporting towers for both HF & VHF/UHF use.

Lightning protection for the station is being upgraded.  Here are some photos of the arrestors being installed.






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