WC8VOA/R Operating Information

The WC8VOA repeater operates on a frequency of 145.390, with minus offset.  No tone is required to access the repeater, but it does transmit a tone of 123.0 when in FM mode.

The repeater is a Yaesu Fusion DR-1x repeater, currently at revision 1.00t.  It is set to operate in automatic mode.  It retransmits FM if it hears FM, and digital if it hears digital.  It is operating in the high power setting, which is about 45 watts output.  It is located on a commercial tower on Mack Road, in Fairfield Township.  The antenna is about 400 ft. on the tower.

FM users can set their tone/squelch to 123.0, and avoid the digital “noise” when the repeater operates in the digital mode.  FM users should monitor the receive indicator on their unit before transmitting to avoid interference to a digital transmission.

A UHF repeater operating on 443.650 (+) is located on a 60 ft. tower located at the VOA site.  Its operating parameters are the same as the 2 meter repeater.  It is a low profile repeater, intended for local communication.

WC8VOA HF operation usually involves contests (see our contest section), and our Wednesday evening open house operating night.  We are on the air from 7:00 pm to 9:30 pm (eastern time), and operate on whichever bands are working at that time.  Operation is mostly SSB, but some members run CW and PSK31.