WC8VOA Repeater Coverage

The WC8VOA repeaters operate on a frequency of 145.390 – (No PL) and 443.650  + (No PL)

They are  open repeaters, and all are welcome to use it. We only ask that proper procedures and good judgment are utilized.

The 145.390 MHz is located on a commercial tower in Fairfield, and provides good coverage throughout the greater Cincinnati area, and north toward Dayton.

A remote receiver operating on 446.300 MHZ (PL 123.0) is located at the Voice of America Building on Tylersville Road, in West Chester. It is a receive only site, and does not re-transmit the repeater output. Thus, a dual band transceiver is required. Transmit on 446.300 (PL 123.0) MHZ and receive on 145.390 Mhz.

The West Chester Amateur Radio Association was asked by Yaesu America to become part of its testing and introduction program for the DR-1 Digital Repeater, the base of its new System Fusion product line.

As part of the program, Yaesu has provided a DR-1 dual band beta repeater, a FTM-400D dual band 50w mobile transceiver, and a FT1DR dual band 5w handheld for testing purposes.

Yaesu’s digital equipment is based on C4FM coding, which is open sourced. All of the units are capable of operating both digital and FM. In the digital mode, both voice and data transmissions are possible. Other digital functions, such as group calling, are also possible.

A production model DR-1x has been acquired , and was installed February 8, 2015. It is operating in automatic mode. It re-transmits what it hears, FM to FM and digital to digital.

While no tone is required to get into the repeater, it does transmit a 123.0 tone while in the FM transmit mode.  Thus, a user can set their tone/squelch to 123.0 and they will not hear the digital transmission.  Tones are not used in the  digital mode.

The operating manuals are extensive! It is recommended that the members download the manuals from Yaesu’s website and do some basic reviewing prior to operating the equipment. These are very impressive pieces of equipment.

The 443.650 MHz repeater is operating from the VOA Museum site using a vertical antenna at a 60 foot elevation.  It is operating in the automatic mode.  No PL is required, but it does transmit a 123.0 Hz tone in the FM mode, permitting a user to exclude digital reception and the subsequent “noise”.  It is intended to be a local coverage repeater.  It is operating at the 20 watt power output level.

Go to www.yaesu.com and click on the product area to find information and manuals for the equipment. (Click on the files tab for the manuals).

Contact Gary (K8DEV) or Bob (WBØNPN) if you have any questions.

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