WC8VOA Hot Spot

A Jumbo Hot Spot has been installed in the WC8VOA operating room.  This hot spot  supports all present digital modes, and supports some cross mode operation.  It runs a few millliwatts, so useful coverage is in proximity to the operating room.

A hot spot is a simplex link, and interfaces to the internet.  Operating instructions are available in the Digital Hot Spot article on the right side toolbar or by clicking the link.

The hot spot provides digital operation in these modes:


The WC8VOA ID number is 3127755.

To use the hot spot, set your transmitter and/or code plugs to 432.2050 simplex operation, low power.
Open a web browser using any computer in the operating room.  Use the IP address, and this will open Pi-Star.
To configure Pi-Star:  User name = pi-star.       Password = raspberry

Use the Pi-Star screens to configure the hot spot to the mode you want to use, referring to the article referenced above.  Once it has been configured and the talk group selected on the transceiver, key the transceiver to set the hot spot to the current talk group.

Fusion operators –   When Pi-Star is configured for Fusion, a second screen will appear.  Select the Room in which you want to operate from the drop down list.  Click save changes.  Then, follow the instructions for your transceiver to enter  Wires-X mode and connect to the room.  Pi-Star must be reconfigured for Fusion units to change Rooms, as only one room/link can be active at a time.

At the time of this writing, the hot spot has been used on DMR and YSF.  Please report any use and results on other modes to Bob, WBØNPN  –  wb0npn@arrl.net.  The results will be added to this page.