VOA 80th Anniversary Special Event Station W8O

On the weekend of February 19th-20th, we celebrated the Voice of America 80th Anniversary. We operated as W8O from the VOA Museum(formerly the VOA Bethany Relay Station) for this event. There was also two other stations, W3V(Washington DC) and W4A(Greenville, NC). Both are active VOA sites, this means all of our special event stations operated from VOA locations, past and current. The suffix of each call spells VOA, there’s more information on the QRZ pages for each station.

We made 3,665 QSO’ between all three stations in a mix of modes(SSB, FT8 & CW), worked 50 States, 6 Continents, 991 Counties and 57 Countries. Not a bad weekend 😉

All the Digital QSL Cards have been sent. The certificate is now available, you can get your certificate from this link: VOA 80th Certificate

Thanks to everyone that helped make this a truly special event.