Peterloon Scout Camp

Our club was invited to bring an amateur radio station to the Peterloon Scout Camp near Loveland, Ohio. Phil(KE8QMQ) reached out a few months ago to make this happen. The club was well represented with Phil(KE8QMQ), Mike(WE8HAM), Walt(W8LTR) and Jocelyn(KD8VRX) at the event.
To make this extra special Phil procured the N8P callsign for us to use.

We used the clubs Go-Box(IC-7100), Walt’s IC-7300 and Mike’s IC-705. We used the Go-Box for contacts on phone and used the IC-7300 and IC-705 to make digital contacts(FT8). We were lucky enough to have a nice shelter and power if needed, but we actually ran the whole event off the grid. We used a vertical antenna (15m-20m) and the end fed antenna(40m), we made great contacts with individuals and a few of them were activating POTA stations and were very helpful in getting Scouts on the air. Three individuals stand out Vicky(AD3I), Ted(K4TTM) and Judith(KC3JAS), they interrupted their POTA pile ups to talk with the Scouts. Thank you! Everyone had a great day.

WCARA setup to operate as N8P
Mike(WE8HAM) and Walt(W8LTR) getting ready
Jocelyn(KD8VRX) getting ready to get Scouts on the air
Amateur Radio is fun!
Scouts making contacts on phone and FT8