Parks on the Air – Cowan Lake

A few of the WCARA members activated the Cowan Lake State Park on October 12th as part of the Parks on the Air(POTA) program. The temperature was a little cold but it was sunny. A great day to be outside and play radio with some friends (KB8ZYE, W8ND, KD8VRX, KE8CIE, W8LTR & KE8JWE). We learned a few lessons, don’t cross coax, test the gear before hand, limit the number of variables. Operating portable is always challenging, we never know what challenge we will be facing that day… that’s part of the learning. We can only get better by practicing these types of operation. Thanks to everyone that helped and contributed to this activation.

Our setup at Cowan Lake (K-1943). The sun was our friend on this cold fall day.
KB8ZYE, making a QSO.
KD8VRX, working 40M on QRP power.