Other Nets to discover

With everyone being at home, you probably have more time do a little ham radio. Consider participating in on some of these nets.

K8SCH (OH-KY-IN): 7:00pm 146.670- (PL 123.0).
W8MARC (MARC): 9:00pm 147.345+ (PL 123.0).

YSF Ohio Link 8:30 PM EST
145.540 W8XGF Hamilton Node
YSF address 48038
Wires-X address 40557
DMR to YSF – TG 31399 (Disconnected at this time)

WC8VOA Weekly Net: 8:00pm 145.30- (no PL).

W8WRK (BCARA): 7:00pm 146.700- (PL 123.0).
W8VND (QCEN): 9:00pm 147.240- (PL 123.0).

W8AJT/KD8RWR (HAMARC): 8:00pm 146.565 Simplex (No PL).
WCARA 80m net at 8:00PM (ET). To be held every Wednesday until the VOA Museum and WC8VOA operating room reopen. Send an email to AA8XX (wabernat@gmail.com) to be put on the participating list and receive an email of the exact frequency at start of net.

KD8LBS (OVEC): 8:30pm 444.975+ (PL 162.2).
W8CCI (Butler County VHF Association) 7:30pm 146.970- (PL 118.8)

W8AJT (HAMARC): 9:00pm 28.410 (+/-) QRM 10Meter Net.

W8AJT (HAMARC): 9:00pm 28.485 (+/-) QRM 10Meter Roundtable.