January 2016 Minutes


The meeting was called to order at 7:00pm by President Dave Wickelhaus – N8DZ. He stated that the as of January 1, 2016, the WCARA was officially a division of the National Voice of America Museum of Broadcasting.

The first item of business was the election of officers for 2016. Candidates for office were:

President – Dave Wickelhaus – N8DZ

1st Vice-President – John Graves – K8ITE

2nd Vice-President – Dennis O’Neill –N8EPG

Secretary – William Abernathy – KE8ADV

Treasurer – Bob Fay – WBØNPN

Moved by Denny Perry, WB8BIU, and seconded by Gerry Haas, W8PDS, that the slate be elected by acclimation. A quorum was present, and the motion carried.

Additionally, Mark Haverkos, K8CIE, was appointed to serve an unelected position as assistant treasurer, with the intention of running for the Treasurer position in 2017. This appointment was created to provide a succession path in the business management of the WCARA as it merges with the National Voice of America Museum of Broadcasting.

President Wickelhaus used a video display to discuss various aspects of the WCARA Constitution and By-Laws.

There was a discussion of how to make a listing of members available to all WCARA members, without divulging emails, phone numbers, and addresses of those who wish to keep them private. It was suggested that a listing of names and call signs could be posted in the operating room, and in the member’s only area of the website.

Members also suggested creating a list of members willing to serve as Elmer’s, and that this be posted and included on the web site.

The program for February 2016 will be on the use of oscilloscopes.



Robert W. Fay – WBØNPN
Treasurer & Secretary Pro-Tem