Monday Night Roundtable Net

Please join us for our weekly net on the 145.390- repeater at 8:00PM Eastern Time.
Anyone is welcome to check-in, you do not have to be a member to join in the fun.

We meet to update on club activities and see what everybody is up-to.

Net Control Operator Schedule:

OPERATORS NOTE – Use WC8VOA as net control callsign.

If you cannot make your assigned date please arrange for another operator.

 2020 Net Control Schedule

Net Control Schedule

6/1- WB0NPN7/6 – K8DEV8/3– N8EPG9/7 – AA8XX10/5– K8DEV
6/8 – KD8VRX7/13 - KD8YVJ8/10 – K8DEV9/14 – KD8YVJ10/12 –WBØNPN
6/15 – WA8ADH7/20– KE8CIE8/17 – WA8ADH9/21– N8EPG10/19– KD8HOY
6/22 – WBØNPN7/27 – AA8XX8/24 – KD8HOY9/28 – KD8VRX10/26 – KE8CIE
6/29 - KE8CIE8/31 - WBØNPN

If you would like to assist as a net control operator please email Bob (WB0NPN) ( and let him know your availability.