SSTV from the ISS

The International Space Station(ISS) broadcasted a set of 12 pictures/images over Slow Scan TV(SSTV) from June 21-26. KD8YVJ and I were able to get a few of the images. This is always a fun activity and it doesn’t require a license since you are receiving only. This is a great activity to get youth involved in our hobby.

Here’s the steps we took to get these images:
1- Find when ISS will be doing SSTV. Here’s a few source: ARISS, ARRL, ARISS-SSTV, and Twitter: ARISS, RF2Space
2- Find the next ISS pass over your location, there’s several Apps but you can also use the AMSAT pass predictor.
3- Get ready to record the audio transmitted over FM on 145.800, open up your squelch. Using a better/gain antenna will help with the lower elevation pass. We use a simple Tape Antenna to help receive the signal.
4- Here’s what SSTV sounds like, you can use this SSTV audio file to decode one of the images.

ISS SSTV Audio – 06/24/2021 @ 11:41am EDT

5- Now you need to decode the audio, again you can use several Apps, I use MMSSTV for Windows.
6- Feed the audio to your computer and you should see the pictures being decoded.

You can see and post your SSTV Pictures on the ARISS SSTV Gallery website for everyone to see.