The VOA Museum and WCARA were once again present at the 14th annual iSPACE Day event.  The event is held on the first Saturday in October every year, the focus of the event is to show kids what STEM is and how fun it can be.  Our booth consisted of the following activities: Power Tower, Magnetism Lab, Simple Circuit and a Get on the air station.

Here’s a few more of the activities that were offered to the kids and kids at heart.

  • VOA Museum Power Tower
    VOA Museum Power Tower
    Explaining the Arduino controlled Power Tower
  • Main Hall
    Main Hall
  • Robots
  • R2D2
    The R2 Builders Group
  • Making Slime
    Making Slime
  • The Cincinnati Observatory
    The Cincinnati Observatory
  • GE Wind Tunnel
    GE Wind Tunnel
  • Space Collector Bob
    Space Collector Bob
  • Ethicon surgey demo
    Ethicon surgey demo