Hamvention Volunteers

We need volunteers for the Hamvention and open house at the VOA
We would like two volunteers for each shift at the Green County Fairgrounds
Friday May 19th:  0900-1200 & 1200-1500 & 1500-1800

Saturday May 20th: 0900-1200 & 1200-1500 & 1500-1700

Sunday May 21st: 0900-1300 & Teardown
If you have your VOA/WCARA Photo ID please wear it at the convention.
If you do not have one I can make one for you. I will bring my camera to the
VOA on Wednesdays and get a photo of you.
We will also need volunteers at the VOA for an open house on Friday and Saturday
nights. Friday the hours will be 1800-2100 and Saturday 1300-2100. We will have visitors to the WC8VOA shack that will want to get on the air.
Joe Molter – N8IDA