Equipment Usage Instructions

While WCARA enjoys and encourages experimentation, as well as innovation, for the well being of all involved it is asked that before adding equipment to the operating room that permission is requested.

STATION 8 (The position under the big screen TV)
This position is for all members to bring their equipment in for testing/experimentation.  It is requested that those using this station only use if for a short period of time so as to allow others the same opportunity.

STATIONS 1, 2, 3 & 4
PLEASE do not rearrange the equipment without consent of the club, these stations are permanent.

If a member wishes to donate or set up equipment for a long term, a space at one of the other stations will be found to accommodate that members needs.

Having eight working stations is both a blessing and a curse.  Being able to put that many people on the air is wonderful, but it generates a lot of noise.  Please wear the provided headphones while operating.  This will help in the ambient noise, as other operators will not have to shout over each other.

It is also wonderful that the members wish to congregate in the shack to talk of many topics.  Please be considerate of those on station to keep your noise level down.  If at all possible, hold general conversations in Haehnle Hall.

Please pick up after yourself.  Any trash that you have generated needs to be placed in the trash cans.  Push your chair back under a desk.  A great advantage that WCARA has is that the large window allows guests to the museum to see our operation.  A better impression is generated when we all work to make our shack professional looking.