May, 2019

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West Chester Amateur Radio Association – WC8VOA

2019 Field Day Photos & Score

West Chester Amateur Radio Association, a division of National Voice of America Museum of Broadcasting.   Operating as WC8VOA,  it is organized to promote amateur radio and provide facilities for members and guests to meet and to exchange information about the hobby.

The club has members with many different backgrounds, and technical training and interests.  WC8VOA has seven HF operating positions, functioning in voice, cw, and data modes.  WC8VOA/R  is the callsign for the clubs two repeaters.  Each is a  Yaesu Fusion repeater, operating in the automatic mode.

The two meter repeater operates on 145.390 (-) (no tone) from a commercial tower located in Fairfield, Ohio.

The 440 MHZ repeater frequency is 443.650 (+) (no tone) from a 60 ft. tower located at the Voice of America Museum in West Chester, Ohio.

We also operate an APRS beacon/relay station with the call sign WC8VOA, and EchoLink on the two meter repeater with node number 805289.

Additionally, we operate 10 Ghz EME, several contests each year, and ARRL Field Day.

An open operating night is held at 7:00 PM each Wednesday, and everyone is welcome to visit.  Click HERE for more information.