2019 OSPOTA – September 7

WC8VOA will again participate in the Ohio State Parks on the Air. This year we will operate from Little Miami State Park (LMI).

The plan is to operate from the edge of Veterans Memorial Park in Morrow, OH. The event is on Saturday, September 7 and runs from 10:00am TO 6:00PM. The address is 212 Hamlin St., Morrow, OH, which is about 0.5 hr. from VOA. The location is right on the trail. There is a parking lot between the baseball fields where we can get close for setup purposes. There are plenty of trees to support the antennas.

I am taking the OCF, which can give us coverage on 80m and other bands. If I get a bunch of interest, I will take the go-box. It seems to be quiet, free from local RF noise interference. This is a gentle valley here.

This is a fairly relaxed event. And unlike som other events, everyone is welcome to come out and operate.

I have reached out to both the state parks people and the village, and with no push back. I was warned that there may be some other activities on Saturday, so I have a Plan B, C, and D. See my comments below as to how to reach out to me when coming to the event.

Map of route from VOA
Red circle shows where we plan to set up.
Entry to the park at the corner of Hamlin & Mill St. Note that Hamlin is a loop of Mill. Go straight back along the tree line towards the parking lot back near the three baseball fields. The treeline to the right of the sign runs along the trail.
The birds eye shows the parking lot and the dotted line crosses the trail where we will set up.
The spot is towards the back of the park and is looking east on the trail. The parking lot is between two ball fields which can be seen on the left edge of the photo. There are nearby porta-potties. There is a clear spot next to the wooden barricade where we can set up. We can set the generator on the lower trail level, and run an extension cord up the hill.
This photo is looking west, toward Morrow.

Please bring chair, snacks, and refreshments. Talk-in is on 146.520 MHz simplex. I plan to be on site at 9:00am. If interested or have any questions, contact Karl, N8MIQ. n8miq@yahoo.com Cell 513-966-0143