The VOA Museum received a donation that will allow for parking lot repairs starting on the east side of the building. This area once paved will be used for a VOA 75th celebration Big Band / Dance in September. But there is one problem, the clubs east antenna tower and trailer are located there. This tower and antennas must be moved. This must be done ASAP. Here is our plan for moving. This coming Friday, May 26th, we are renting a 60 ft boom lift. We have the lift the entire weekend and holiday until Tuesday morning the 30th. The lift will be used to safely help with the following task:

*Remove the east antennas and tower sections.
*Replace light bulbs on EME dish clearance lights
*Attach pulleys and rope to the old light poles to aid in hanging temp diploes during contest
*Remove one antenna from west tower and replace with a 2m unit
*Complete conduit and coax installation on the recently installed switchgear tower
*Remount the old east beam to the rear tower
*Reassemble parts of the old east tower on the far rear of the switchyard
*Remount fan dipole to between switchgear north/south towers
*Test our refurbished station master UHF antenna and possible install on rear switchgear tower
*Secure falling copper bars from rear switchgear above driveway


We need helpers with the following items:

*Disassemble, clean and test beam removed from old east tower
*Clean and test 2m antenna before installing on west side
*Take apart fan dipole and replace spreader bars, test
*Take apart east tower sections, inspect and clean, replace old hardware
*Disassemble inside east tower lightning protection rack and salvage parts
*Remove existing hardlines from shack to east tower
*Ground crew needed when reassembling tower sections
*Ground crew needed when installing antennas on rear switchgear towers

If you can help with any of the items above, PLEASE call or email and let me know when and where you can help. We can’t wait until after Memorial Day to start this. No other radio club in our area has a shack and equipment like WCARA does. This can only happen if more than the same 3-4 people show up to help. If you are new to our club stopping by for moral support is just as important. If you are one of our Elmers please help teach the newbies how to test and repair antennas.

Mark   KE8CIE
Treasurer, WCARA
cell:  513-259-3750  call or text